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Terms of Use

The present terms and conditions govern the use of the morpheOm software and website, property of Neptunium inc. (the company). If you do not agree with them, do not use the website. These terms may be modified by the company at any time.

Services provided

The company provides access to the software through its website as it is developed as of March, 31st 2019 free of any fees.

The software is experimental and subject to modification at the company’s initiative.

The software cannot be modified by the user but the user can make suggestions as to changes to be made , in which case, if they are so made, they shall be the property of the company.

Intellectual property

The user acknowledges that the intellectual property related to the software is the exclusive property of the company and is protected by a copyright.


The software is provided ‘’as is’’. The company makes no representations or gives no guarantees as to its quality, suitability or accuracy and shall not be liable for any damage suffered as a result of its use.

Applicable law

This agreement is governed by the laws applicable in the province of Quebec, Canada. Both parties have requested that it be written in English. Les deux parties ont requis que ce contrat soit rédigé en anglais.

(c) 2019 - Neptunium Inc.

morpheOm uses mxGraph released under Apache 2 license